Platinum packages

Platinum Features

  • Temperature range: 14 K to 873 K (model dependant)
  • Conforms to IEC 751 standards down to 70 K
  • High reproducibility: ±5 mK at 77 K
  • Low magnetic field dependence above 40 K
  • Excellent for use in ionizing radiation
  • SoftCal™ calibration available
  • Non-magnetic packages available (all PT-102 and PT-103 variants)

PT-100 platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) are an excellent choice for use as cryogenic temperature sensing and control elements in the range from 30 K to 873 K (-243 °C to 600 °C). Over this temperature span, PRTs offer high repeatability and nearly constant sensitivity (dR/dT). Platinum resistors are also useful as control elements in magnetic field environments where errors approaching one degree can be tolerated. PRTs are interchangeable above 70 K. The use of controlled-purity platinum assures uniformity from one device to another.

PRTs experience rapidly decreasing sensitivity below approximately 30 K. They should be calibrated in order to achieve maximum accuracy for use below 100 K. The plot illustrates platinum sensor conformance to the IEC 751 curve.

packaging optionsPT-102, PT-103, PT-111, PT-102-AL, PT-103-AM, temperature probes

Lead extensions


If your application requires more than one platinum resistor, up to five platinum resistors can be matched to one another to within ±0.1 K at liquid nitrogen temperature with the purchase of only one calibration.