Press Releases

See us at ICM in Italy to discuss solutions for magnetic material characterization 06/25/2024
Visit us at IMS to see a cryogenic probe station configured for RF/microwave research 06/12/2024
See demos of Lake Shore magnetic instruments at The Magnetics Show North America 05/16/2024
MRS Spring exhibit to feature demos of M81-SSM and other material research solutions 04/17/2024
Lake Shore Cryotronics named a Columbus Top Workplace for the 10th year in a row 03/28/2024
Lake Shore previewing new helium-saving lab cooling system at APS March Meeting 02/29/2024
Watch a demo of a teslameter or fluxmeter measurement at MDSM conference 02/07/2024
See a sneak peek of unique, new helium-saving solution at MRS Fall exhibit 11/22/2023
Lake Shore MMM exhibit to spotlight magnetic material & device characterization solutions 10/25/2023
Visit Lake Shore at the Advanced Materials Show to see the latest characterization solutions 09/27/2023
Lake Shore exhibiting solutions for optical device research at SPIE conference 08/16/2023
See Lake Shore at CEC/ICMC to learn about thermometry and cryostat solutions 07/05/2023
Lake Shore presenting at EMC conference on improved AC field Hall measurements 06/27/2023
Learn more about cryogenic probe stations and cryostats for RF/microwave research at IMS 06/08/2023
Testforce Canada now a sales partner of Lake Shore Cryotronics 06/01/2023
Learn about Lake Shore VSMs and other material characterization systems at Intermag 05/11/2023
Lake Shore Cryotronics again named winner of Columbus Top Workplaces award 04/20/2023
See demos of CryoComplete™ and other Lake Shore systems at MRS Spring exhibit 04/04/2023
See new release of an all-in-one cryogenic system for electrical characterization at APS March 03/02/2023
Lake Shore collaborates with Oxford Instruments on measurement options 02/23/2023
Lake Shore Cryotronics is named a 2023 Top Workplaces USA award winner 02/09/2023
Lake Shore to showcase magnetic instruments and present industry talk at Magnetics 2023 01/23/2023
Learn more about Lake Shore’s electromagnet-based characterization systems at MMM 10/27/2022
Lake Shore exhibiting cryogenic instruments and new source measure system at ASC 10/20/2022
Lake Shore cryogenic probe stations now include a PC with MeasureLINK™ software 10/12/2022
Lake Shore to demo M81-SSM and other material research solutions at MRS Fall Exhibit 09/01/2022
Lake Shore exhibiting new system optimized for photodiode research at SPIE conference 08/17/2022
Lake Shore to discuss probe stations and cryostats for RF/microwave research at IMS 06/15/2022
Lake Shore Cryotronics exhibiting material characterization solutions at CSW conference 05/25/2022
Visit MRS Spring Booth 109 to see a demo of new source measure system 05/04/2022
Lake Shore to demo new multichannel lock-in measurement system at APS March Meeting 03/08/2022
See a demo of Lake Shore teslameter’s new live plotting feature at Magnetics 2022 02/01/2022
See a demo of our new synchronous source measure system at the MRS Fall exhibit 11/22/2021
Lake Shore now taking orders for a unique new synchronous source measure system 06/15/2021
Lake Shore Cryotronics named winner of Top Workplaces USA award 05/04/2021
Lake Shore Cryotronics acquires Janis Research Laboratory Cryogenics business 08/05/2020
Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces turnkey FastHall™ Station for Hall researchers 04/03/2020
See a demo of Lake Shore’s new tabletop Hall measurement station at APS March 02/25/2020
See a demo of Lake Shore’s award-winning teslameter at Magnetics 2020 02/03/2020
Quantum Design International now a sales partner of Lake Shore Cryotronics in Europe 01/06/2020
See a demo at MRS Fall: Lake Shore’s new tabletop solution for Hall measurements 11/26/2019
Lake Shore F71/F41 teslameters win R&D 100 Award 11/01/2019
Award-winning 8600 Series VSM to be focus of Lake Shore MMM conference exhibit 10/30/2019
Learn more about Lake Shore cryogenic measurement and control products at EUCAS 08/28/2019
Lake Shore exhibiting photovoltaic material characterization solutions at SPIE conference 08/06/2019
See Lake Shore Cryotronics at CEC/ICMC to learn about the latest thermometry solutions 07/19/2019
Lake Shore Cryotronics to present on Hall measurements with FastHall™ at EMC 06/21/2019
IMS exhibit to feature high-frequency measurement solutions from Lake Shore 05/30/2019
For the fifth year in a row, Lake Shore Cryotronics receives Top Workplaces award 05/23/2019
Lake Shore Cryotronics showcasing new FastHall™ controller at MRS Spring 04/16/2019
A new, easy way to build a Hall system — see the demo at APS March Meeting 02/19/2019
​New product demo at Magnetics 2019: teslameters optimized for industrial use 01/15/2019
​8600 Series VSM to be focus of Lake Shore exhibit at Joint MMM-Intermag conference 01/08/2019
See new FastHall effect measurement controller at MRS Fall exhibit 11/19/2018
Lake Shore MeasureReady™ 155 precision current & voltage source wins R&D 100 Award 10/26/2018
Lake Shore exhibiting cryogenic sensor monitoring and control solutions at ASC 10/25/2018
​MeasureReady™ 155 current and voltage source named R&D 100 Awards finalist 08/28/2018
Photovoltaic material measurement products focus of Lake Shore SPIE exhibit 08/14/2018
Lake Shore showcasing VSMs and magnetic test instruments at ICM conference 07/10/2018
​Lake Shore Cryotronics appoints new Chief Revenue Officer 06/27/2018
Attending IMS? Learn more about measuring S-parameters at 2 to 675 K temperatures 06/04/2018
​Lake Shore Cryotronics celebrating 50th year as a company 05/02/2018
Learn more about 8600 Series VSM system at Intermag in Singapore 04/18/2018
​In the spotlight at MRS Spring: Lake Shore probe stations, new current/voltage source 03/26/2018
Lake Shore spotlighting new material characterization solutions at APS exhibit 02/27/2018
New teslameters to be unveiled at the Magnetics 2018 conference 02/01/2018
See MeasureReady I/V source for low-noise sample excitation at MRS Fall Exhibit 11/21/2017
Lake Shore Cryotronics 8600 Series VSM winner of R&D 100 Award 11/20/2017
​8600 Series VSM to be focus of Lake Shore Cryotronics exhibit at MMM 10/26/2017
Lake Shore 8600 Series VSM system named R&D 100 Awards finalist 08/16/2017
Lake Shore exhibiting optical device test & measurement products at SPIE event 07/31/2017
CEC/ICMC talk to examine effects of high gamma radiation on Cernox® sensors 07/05/2017
Lake Shore to present on new technique for faster Hall measurements at EMC 06/23/2017
Cryogenic platforms for high-frequency device research on display at IMS 2017 05/26/2017
Lake Shore exhibiting new nanoscale characterization solutions at Nanotech 2017 05/10/2017
Learn more about the new Lake Shore high-sensitivity 8600 Series VSM at Intermag 04/17/2017
​Cryogenic probe stations and new VSM to be focus of Lake Shore MRS Spring exhibit 04/12/2017
More Science. Less Time. Check out Lake Shore Cryotronics’ APS exhibit 03/07/2017
Lake Shore spotlighting magnetic test instrumentation at Magnetics 2017 in Orlando 01/10/2017
Lake Shore spotlighting new VSM, other characterization solutions at MRS Fall 11/21/2016
Lake Shore Cryotronics announces market launch of new electromagnet-based VSM 10/31/2016
New cryogenic sensor input modules focus of Lake Shore's NAPAC appearance 10/05/2016
​Lake Shore exhibiting THz measurement solutions at two European conferences 09/21/2016
Lake Shore to discuss measurement solutions for low-temperature electronics at WOLTE 09/14/2016
​Lake Shore exhibiting range of cryogenic sensor monitoring and control solutions at ASC in Denver 09/01/2016
Lake Shore exhibiting photovoltaic material measurement solutions at SPIE event 08/23/2016
Lake Shore Cryotronics JEMS exhibit to feature magnetic material characterization systems 08/18/2016
​Available for pre-order: THz-frequency on-wafer probing option for probe stations 08/04/2016
Lake Shore spotlighting new cryogenic sensor input modules at 38th ICHEP 07/26/2016
​Lake Shore EMC conference exhibit to feature material characterization platforms 06/15/2016
Lake Shore IMS exhibit to feature high-frequency cryogenic probing solutions 05/19/2016
​Lake Shore Cryotronics again named one of the Top Workplaces in Central Ohio 05/05/2016
​Lake Shore to showcase cryogenic terahertz probing solution at EuCAP conference 04/08/2016
​New terahertz material characterization system installed in Brown University lab 04/06/2016
​Material measurement, characterization platforms focus of Lake Shore MRS exhibit 03/24/2016
Lake Shore exhibiting THz probing and new distributed sensor monitoring products at APS 03/04/2016
​Lake Shore to discuss magnetic material characterization & test instruments at Magnetics 2016 01/14/2016
​Cryogenic material characterization solutions to be focus of the Lake Shore MRS exhibit 11/23/2015
​Lake Shore showcasing material characterization platforms at MS&T 09/30/2015
​Terahertz probing, characterization to be featured at EuMW by Lake Shore 09/03/2015
​Lake Shore IMRC exhibit to highlight magnetometers and cryogenic probe stations 08/12/2015
Lake Shore to spotlight THz materials characterization system at IRMMW-THz 08/09/2015
Photovoltaic material measurement focus of Lake Shore SPIE conference exhibit 08/03/2015
Lake Shore to discuss magnetometers and magnetic test instruments at ICM 06/30/2015
Lake Shore exhibiting cryogenic monitoring and control solutions at CEC/ICMC 06/23/2015
Lake Shore Nanotech exhibit to highlight tools for nanoscale device and material characterization 06/09/2015
New Lake Shore Model 372 firmware for enhanced low temperature measurements 05/20/2015
Lake Shore to discuss high-frequency probing, characterization technology at IMS 05/14/2015
Magnetic measurement solutions focus of the Lake Shore Intermag conference exhibit 05/05/2015
New Lake Shore software simplifies material measurements for magnetocaloric effect 04/27/2015
Lake Shore Cryotronics named one of Top Workplaces in Central Ohio 04/14/2015
Lake Shore MRS Spring exhibit to highlight cryogenic probe stations, material characterization systems 03/26/2015
​Probe stations, Hall effect measurement systems focus of Lake Shore DRC/EMC exhibit 03/12/2015
Lake Shore SEMICON China exhibit to feature cryogenic probing for early-stage semiconductor R&D 03/12/2015
THz materials characterization system and high-frequency probing to be discussed at OTST conference 03/03/2015
Material characterization, cryogenic thermometry products to be focus of Lake Shore's APS meeting exhibit 02/25/2015
Lake Shore to present on FORC measurement of permanent magnets at Magnetics 2015 01/19/2015
New 7400-S version VSM for higher field, enhanced performance available from Lake Shore 01/06/2015
Lake Shore to discuss new Hall measurement solution at MRS Fall Exhibit 11/24/2014
Lake Shore MMM conference exhibit to highlight VSM/AGM magnetometer systems 10/27/2014
New Hall effect measurement system with cryogenic probe station available from Lake Shore 10/07/2014
EuMW exhibit to feature Lake Shore high-frequency probing and characterization technology 10/02/2014
THz characterization and high-frequency probing to be discussed by Lake Shore at IRMMW-THz 09/10/2014
New versatile AC resistance bridge/ultra-low temperature controller available from Lake Shore 08/22/2014
Lake Shore to discuss photovoltaic material testing platforms at SPIE Optics + Photonics 08/14/2014
REPM exhibit to highlight use of Lake Shore magnetometers for permanent magnet research 08/13/2014
Cryogenic temperature sensors and instruments to be focus of Lake Shore ASC exhibit 08/06/2014
Lake Shore to feature cryogenic instruments, sensors, and systems at LT27 conference 08/04/2014
Lake Shore ICEC/ICMC exhibit to highlight cryogenic controllers, monitors, bridges 06/30/2014
Lake Shore to discuss THz spectroscopy, probing, and Hall measurement solutions at EMC 06/20/2014
VSMs, THz characterization, and probe stations focus of Lake Shore’s upcoming Nanotech exhibit 06/04/2014
Lake Shore IMS exhibit to feature high-frequency probing and characterization technology 05/28/2014
Lake Shore to attend users’ meetings at Argonne and Brookhaven National Labs 05/08/2014
VSM/AGM systems and magnetic instruments focus of Lake Shore’s Intermag exhibit 04/29/2014
Lake Shore participating in ICSM conference next week in Turkey 04/23/2014
Lake Shore showcasing probe stations, including entry-level TTPX, at MRS Spring 04/15/2014
Lake Shore enters into agreement with SWISSto12 for THz waveguide technology 04/01/2014
Lake Shore to discuss cryogenic thermometry and measurement solutions at Space Tech Expo 03/27/2014
Lake Shore THz system for materials characterization wins 2014 Compound Semiconductor CS Industry Award 03/19/2014
Lake Shore to host terahertz materials characterization discussion on Google+ Hangout 03/17/2014
New magnetic measurement catalog features full selection of Lake Shore gaussmeters and Hall probes 03/12/2014
New catalog features full line of temperature measurement and control solutions from Lake Shore 02/28/2014
Lake Shore to discuss new 8500 Series THz system for material characterization at APS 02/24/2014
Lake Shore slated to receive Phase II Air Force grant for terahertz system development 01/24/2014
Lake Shore to discuss measurement solutions at Magnetics 2014 conference 01/22/2014
Lake Shore now offering preconfigured probe station for the most common high-impedance DC measurement applications 12/13/2013
Lake Shore to feature new DC Hall measurement system at MRS Fall Meeting 2013 11/27/2013
Lake Shore to host cryogenic sensor applications discussion on Google+ Hangout 10/25/2013
Discuss magnetometers and magnetic measurement instrumentation with Lake Shore Cryotronics at MMM conference 2013 10/18/2013
Lake Shore launches blog to share and encourage physics and materials research 10/04/2013
Lake Shore appoints Marshall Calhoun as Regional Sales Manager 09/13/2013
Lake Shore to discuss low-temperature sensors and measurement solutions at EUCAS 2013 09/09/2013
Lake Shore to demonstrate software for THz materials characterization system at IRMMW-THz conference 09/01/2013
Lake Shore to exhibit materials characterization systems at ICNS 2013 08/14/2013
New Lake Shore probe station catalog features a complete selection of cryogenic and cryogen-free models 08/12/2013
Lake Shore’s new 12-channel temperature monitor advances cryogenic applications 07/23/2013
Lake Shore to exhibit Hall effect and THz materials characterization systems at SEMICON West 2013 07/02/2013
Lake Shore to present cryogenic sensor test results at CEC/ICMC conference, booth 29 06/06/2013
New Lake Shore Model 121 programmable DC current source enables easy, cost-effective sensor testing and more 06/03/2013
Lake Shore to highlight cryogenic probe stations and THz system at IMS 2013, booth 1603 05/24/2013
New materials characterization solutions will be on exhibit at Nanotech Conference & Expo, booth 223 05/09/2013
Lake Shore delivers and launches alpha THz materials characterization system to industry interest 04/24/2013
Lake Shore receives Air Force STTR Phase 1 Award to advance terahertz materials characterization system 04/15/2013
Come to booth 1542 at SPIE DSS and see our THz materials characterization system 04/04/2013
Come to booth 308 at the 2013 MRS Spring Meeting to see the new THz materials characterization system 03/28/2013
Add 4 additional inputs to your Model 336 or 350 controller with the new Model 3062 4-channel scanner card 03/13/2013
Lake Shore to launch THz materials characterization system at APS March Meeting, booth 800 03/04/2013
Lake Shore CVT probes improve efficiency and accuracy of probe station measurement across range of temperatures 02/25/2013
Lake Shore exhibiting at Magnetics 2013 conference in Orlando 01/31/2013
Lake Shore announces acquisition of Princeton Measurements Corporation and its MicroMag™ systems to advance the field of magnetics research 01/08/2013
Explore Lake Shore’s advanced VSM technology at IEEE Joint MMM/Intermag 12/12/2012
New Model CRX-VF probe station specifications 11/19/2012
Explore the latest developments in materials characterization research at Materials Research Society Fall Meeting 10/10/2012
Feature updates now available for download 09/26/2012
Lake Shore looking forward to a magnetic experience at JEMS 2012! 09/04/2012
New Model 648 low noise electromagnet power supply 07/20/2012
Brad Dodrill to exhibit at Compound Semiconductor Week 2012 07/20/2012
Advance your test environment with the convenience of a Model CRX-6.5K probe station 07/12/2012
Dr. David Daughton to speak on rugged THz photomixer package at International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) 07/06/2012
Dr. Jeff Lindemuth to showcase photonic material characterization & optical device test capabilities at SPIE Optics and Photonics 06/19/2012
Lake Shore Cryotronics to speak on material characterization of THz frequencies at Ohio Innovation Sensor Summit 06/01/2012
Lake Shore expands online presence through social media 05/25/2012
Lake Shore magnetics expert Dr. Cosmin Radu will be at Intermag 2012 05/12/2012
Lake Shore appoints Keith Ramsey as Marketing Manager 05/08/2012
Lake Shore to feature cryogenic and cryogen-free probe stations at Nanotech Conference and Expo 2012 05/04/2012
Lake Shore introduces Model 350 ultra low cryogenic temperature controller 03/01/2012
Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces new cryogen-free probe stations 02/15/2012
Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces three-year standard warranty 01/27/2012
​Now measure Hall mobilities down to 0.001 cm²/V s with ease 08/24/2011
New half rack temperature controller offers 75 W of low-noise heater power 03/08/2011
Lake Shore CEO Michael Swartz appointed to the President's Export Council Subcommittee on Export Administration (PECSEA) 02/24/2011
Automate and accelerate magnet testing and sorting with the new Model 425 gaussmeter 02/11/2011
New temperature controller offers four standard inputs and four control outputs 11/17/2008
Lake Shore revamps probe station product line 08/15/2008
New preamp provides 2 nVRMS/√Hz noise floor 02/28/2008
New options add functionality to Lake Shore vibrating sample magnetometers 10/31/2007
​New low vibration cryogen-free probe station 09/21/2007
Lake Shore Cryotronics cryogenic probe stations impact nanotech research 07/03/2007
New high vacuum and load-lock probe stations 04/03/2007
Lake Shore Cryotronics introduces the first commercial cryogenic temperature sensor calibrated down to 20 mK 03/02/2007
New higher field strength vibrating sample magnetometer 07/14/2006
New dual-channel temperature controller 05/31/2006
New linear electromagnet power supply 04/25/2006
Lake Shore expands their family of DSP gaussmeters 09/29/2005
Lake Shore introduces new superconducting magnet power supply 07/18/2003
Achieve high-resolution temperature measurements from 100 mk to 325 K with the new Cernox™ 1010 temperature sensor 06/23/2003
Lake Shore introduces new high speed, DSP gaussmeter 01/24/2003